Architects are much more than just designers.

They are policy makers and advisors. And they are here to help.

Architects are problem-solvers, perceptive listeners, and creative thinkers

Architects devise strategies and find solutions to complex problems. They are policy makers and advisors. And they are here to help.

Architects in your local community stand ready to assist in many ways. From emergency response, safety inspection and immediate resources, to envisioning ways rebuild in a way that prevents future problems. Architects are the only professionals educated, trained and tested to design homes, buildings, and facilities that are safe, resilient and sustainable. They are thinking about the big questions – how can we rebuild disaster areas to prevent future calamities?  What role do building codes and design standards play in disaster preparedness and recovery? As well as the small ones – what steps do I need to take to work with my insurer? How do find the people I need to rebuild my home. was created as a resource for those both dealing with the devastating effects of a disaster as well as a vehicle to help those not impacted consider preparedness options.

Ready to Assist

Working with an architect at the helm, you gain a trusted partner committed to navigating the complexities of reconstruction with professionalism and proficiency, ensuring a swift and resilient recovery for your community.

In the aftermath of a disaster, the journey toward recovery necessitates access to crucial services and tools. These vital resources play a pivotal role in restoring normalcy, aiding in rebuilding efforts, and ensuring the well-being of affected communities.

Below is a lineup of services that will assist in bouncing back from a natural disaster, getting you, your buildings and communities back on track.

Enlist the expertise of an architect to support you.

Disaster preparedness is, in many ways, deeply ingrained in the everyday life of architects and is an integral aspect of the AIA’s institutional framework at all levels. A keen awareness of the various hazards and strains confronting the built environment in California significantly influences every decision made throughout the design process. Serving as staunch advocates for our clients and the public, architects actively engage in local, state, and federal initiatives that safeguard public health and safety through meticulous attention to the built environment.

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